Special Toilet Paper Designs

Are you tired of plain white toilet paper? You are a creative person and want to see something new next to your toilet? Well this is your lucky day. Check out these super funny and creative toilet papers and enjoy!

1. Money Toilet paper (So you can wipe your behind with dollars):

2. Origami toilet paper (So you can spend time by learning origami techniques):

3. Military toilet paper (Soldiers love it!)

4.Music toilet paper (You can bring a guitar or a flute to the bathroom)

5. Crime scene toilet paper (You can use it for other purposes, like warn people from that horrible smell from the toilet):

6. Barbed wire toilet paper (Whoa, this one's really hard core):

7. Notepad toilet paper (So you can write a diary meanwhile):

8. Golden toilet paper (I just don't get it):

9. Ruler toilet paper (So you can measure some things.. oh, I see..):
toilet-paper (16)

10. Mind trainer toilet paper (So you never get bored):
toilet-paper  (11)

11. Glowing toilet paper (So you can find it in the dark. I wonder if your ass glows afterwards):
toilet-paper (2)

12. Kiss my ass toilet paper (At least something is kissing your ass):

13. Face toilet paper (Choose who's gonna wipe your ass):

14. Colorful toilet paper (Life is colorful!):

15. Black toilet paper (This one doesn't get so dirty):

16. X Large toilet paper (For people with X Large buts):,&%20Toilet%20Paper/large_toilet_paper.jpg17. Brown Toilet paper (OMG, are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?!):

18. Sudoku toilet paper (Damn, I've gotta get my hands on this one!)

There are many more funny toilet paper designs.. but everyone of them has the same purpose. :)

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mike pravi ...

These toilet papers would really give you a bunch of interesting insights while your on the bowl, especially if it is Spaloo.

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