Rubber Duck World

Almost everyone loves to have a companion when taking a long bubble-bath. You can either ask your girlfriend to take a bath with you, or even better; get yourself a cute little rubber duck.
But when choosing your bath partner, you can really quack yourself out and choose between many different and special rubber duckies; for example:

1. Just an ordinary rubber ducky (for normal users only):

2. Remote rubber ducky (Damn, what does it do?):

3. Geek rubber ducky (specially designed for geeks):

4. The Duck-Vader (It came to destroy you):

5. Rubber Ugly Duckling (Who would even want one of these + it's a football fan??):

6. Giant rubber duck (I wonder if it fits in my bathtub):

7. Lonely women's rubber duck (It can do wonders):

8. The good and the bad rubber duck (For the twofaced people):

9. Rubber Duck Family (if one's not enough for you)

10. The cool rubber duck (Too cool for you)

11. Diver rubber duck (Yeah, you got me, I actually got one of these myself):

12.  Ghost rubber duck (Scares the shit out of me):

13. Glowing rubber duck (Yes, you can see it in the dark):

14. Elvis rubber duck (At last; someone to sing in the bath with)

15.  Ninja Rubber duck (..can kick your ass anytime)

16. Black rubber duck (She's black and she likes it.):

17. Pink rubber duckies (For gals and gays):

18. Punk rubber duck (Yeah, punks love rubber duckies too)

19. Construction worker rubber duck (I can almost picture this one in a bath with a real construction worker):

20. Scream rubber duck (This one really freaks me out):

21. Gay rubber duck (And here it is.. The gayest of them all!):

22. Plain rubber duck (Looks like someone needs some tan):

23. Duck hunter rubber duck (Am I missing something here?):

 24. Camouflage rubber duck (Now you see it, now you don't)

25. Vampire rubber duck (..has no reflection in the mirror)

And these are only some of the weirdest, coolest and cutest rubber duckies. Now go and buy yourself one, and make sure you never again bath alone. :)

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