Futuristic Luxury Hotels

There are already many futuristic hotels being built around the world, but what kind of hotel designs are to be built in the future? Here are just some of the futuristic hotel projects, that are being built very soon. Check them out!


This hotel is to be located in Abu Dhabi, and it's still in it's conceptual stage. Unfortunately, just little is known of this conceptual project.

Dreaming of space? Soon, you'll be able to live on a satellite. The Lunatic Hotel is set to be build on the Moon!! Designers already have the blueprints ready, so the hotel should be completed in 2050. The hotel will include an engine, that will allow guests to “indulge in low-gravity games with the help of two 160-meters high slanting towers.” The 50 cm hull made from Moon Rock layered with water will provide the antidote to the ruthless lunar environment, extreme temperatures, lethal cosmic rays and solar particles.

The Waterworld is a concept, designed by Atkin’s Architecture Group. It won the first prize award for an international design competition.The Waterworld is to be built at a water filled quarry in Songjiang, China. The resort hotel will contain 400 beds, and will feature underwater guest rooms and public areas, cafes, restaurants and also some sporting facilities. The Extreme sports center for activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping, has been also included in the original design.

It's to be a 7-star hotel with a total floor area of 200,000m², and it's still in a conceptual stage. It is being designed by Sybarite and it's $500million project. This island hotel will have over 350 luxury apartment suites and will be accessible by water and air only. There will also be beaches, restaurants, art galleries, retail shopping, cinemas, spas and conference facilities for you to enjoy.

The Hydropolis Undersea Resort is a $500-million project designed by Joachim Hauser. It's proclaimed to be a 10-star underwater hotel, located in Dubai. This underwater hotel has been designed with this base that 60% of our surroundings is water. The area offers you a shopping mall, ballroom, island villas, restaurant, high-tech cinema for your pleasure, and also a missile-defense system for your security. The  retracting roof is designed to organize open-sky events. We can expect the hotel to open up very soon, but the project has been delayed a little bit.

The hotel is to be facing the Caspian Sea, and it's named Hotel Full Moon. It's designed as a disc with rounded edges and a hole in one of the top corners. And here's also the Hotel Crescent, a curving arch similar to a crescent moon, that will mark out an area appropriately named Full Moon Bay. The design is made in a way to appear drastically different from different viewing angles. Hotel Full Moon will be a 150 meter-high, 35 story luxury hotel with 382 large rooms.
The Aeroscraft model ML866 is to be built by the Worldwide Aeros Corporation, it's to be a planned 400-ton hybrid airship, a scaled-down prototype was made in 2008. The ‘Aeroscraft’ is designed to carry passengers in its spacious luxury cosmos onboard. The flying hotel hangs in air with 14 million cubic feet of helium and it has an area equal to two football fields. It's powered by huge electric and hydrogen fuel cell powered propellers and six turbofan jet engines. The hotel can accommodate 250 passengers driving them at a speed of 174 miles per hour up to 6, 000 miles.
Aeroscraft: The Flying Luxury Hotel of Tomorrow

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globalworkstravel pravi ...

Waw! how nice these hotels are? There are so many futuric hotels being built in around the world, but it is important to know what kind of hotel designs are built in future. So, many many thank you for give some new ideas about what types of design we choose in furure.

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ledzepellin41 pravi ...

This place is one of the best to spend my Christmas vacation together with my family and children. Thanks for sharing this!

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Luxury Hotels Delhi pravi ...

Amazing great hotels, I like it. thanks for share post..
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Jaz pravi ...

I's great to stay here especially holidays with my family.

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Jacob Beaty pravi ...

The Lunatic Hotel will be one of the most anticipated structures in the future. The fact that it’s to be constructed in the moon sounds a bit impossible at first, but it’s never far from reality. In fact, it’s expected to be built on 2050. Now, that’s truly amazing! =)

- Jacob Beaty

Luizze Oliveira pravi ...

Its such amazing and beautiful images of futuristic hotel. This hotel design outstanding and fantastic. Its gorgeous and unique hotel for comfort leaving.


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Steven Stewart pravi ...

All those buildings really look great. Their designs were really the first of its kind. Marvelous.

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